Company information

Company information

Parma Plast has since 1978 focused on continual innovation and development of suitable production methods and production equipment. Our knowledge is among the best in the world in our business sector.


Since 1991, we have focused 100% of our production and product development on extruded thermoplastics. This has led us to be heavily involved in the offshore industry, in particular products related to the seismic industry. We are manufacturing and R&D partner for several large operators in the offshore and seismic industries.


Our production is largely adapted to our customer needs, and we can offer help and contribute through the whole process – from idea to finished product.



Parma Plast AS has a turnover of about 40 million NOK and has had a steady growth since we moved to specially adapted production premises at Straume (just outside Bergen) in 2002. Our staff counts about 20 FTEs and our production premises contains seven production lines, including a department for recycling.

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Our office and production premises is situated in Straume Næringspark at Sotra, only 25 minutes driving from Bergen Airport Flesland, and 15 minutes from Bergen.