Our history

Our history

Parma Plast was founded in 1978 by siv.ing Gunnar Parmann. The gründer is still active in the company, but his three sons Georg, Christian and Jan Hendrik undertake the day-to-day running of the company.

Before Gunnar founded Parma Plast, he worked for Rieber & Sønn AS, focusing on developing Parmanns patented processes, machines and products developed during thius period. These are used today by machine manufacturers and finished goods producers of PVC-pipes worldwide and market leading in North America. 


If you do a “Google”-search for terms like the “Rieber Gasket” or “Rieber Sealing System” will you find that the terms are today incorporated in a global market as a synonym for a seal that is firmly anchored in pipe sockets.


In 1978, Gunner Parmann acquired the machinery and customer portfolio from Riebers extruder department in Bergen, and Parma Plast was established.


In the following years, Parma Plast offered consulting to various industries, and developed tailored production processes for processing such as thermoplastics as well as fibre reinforced thermosets.


A wide range of clients and accompanying plastics related tasks has given us a broad experience, which has been important for the further development of the company’s competence, and especially understanding the tasks our clients face.  


Milestones at Parma Plast up to the start of 2010s:


1978: Gunnar Parmann establishes Parma Plast. 


1984: Development and production of epoxy isolation for insulation of power cords and sockets for oil wells.


1988: Development and production of cannon domes for the Norwegian marine frigates.


1991: Parma Plast becomes a pure extrusion company specialising in niche products.


1991: Starts regular production of streamer skins for the seismic industry.


1993: Extrusion of streamer skins with strain relievers for the German navy.


1993: Parma Plast patents the jetty fendering systemParmaFender®.


1997: Extrusion of multiple layer pipes for pil fields in the North Sea.


2002: Parma Plast moves to new adapted production premises in Straume Næringspark at Sotra.


2010: Parma Plast patents ParmaFairing. ParmaFairing is used by seismic vessels worldwide to reduce noise and fuel costs while the vessels can operate more efficient and faster than earlier.



Even though our main commitment presently is related to oil and gas related activity, work continues with products and development in within most lines of business.


As an example, we are a prominent supplier of fenders for pleasure boat and jetty manufacturers. Our experience from a demanding offshore industry makes us able to deliver products with exceptional durability. Especially true for our patented ParmaFender – a fendering system for jetties and pier booms.