Parma UniversalFender

Parma UniversalFender

Parma Plast has developed the Parma UniversalFender, which is a soft, flexible and very strong protective profile made of foamed thermoplastic polyurethane.

Parma UniversalFender® - Profile and logo 

Foamed TPU - H:90mm W:30mm.

Colour: Charcoal or signal yellow.


 UniversalFender - Illustration

Only the fantacy limits the
usage areas.


 Parma UniversalFender® - Quay

On the quay. 


 UniversalFender - Mooring Pile

Around piles, e.g. mooring piles,
piles in garages, warehouses etc.


 Parma UniversalFender® - Garage with BMW

On walls that need to be padded.
e.h. garage walls, walls in stores,
warehouses, hospitals, industry, 
schools, gymnasiums etc.

Parma UniversalFender® Jetty Corner

On jetties etc. 
It can be bent nicely around

UniversalFender - Concrete corner

Vertikal padding around corners. 


The material, thermoplastic polyurethane, is unique when it comes to flexibility as well as strength, and is also often used a preferred material when it comes to heavy duty, flexible and durable applications used in the offshore and subsea industry.


Due to the use of foamed material as well as the air-filled spaces in the profile, the Parma UniversalFender is extra shock absorbing.

The profile can be mounted around very narrow radiuses as well as corners, something that makes the profile suitable for a variety of applications.


The operating temperature of the TPU material ranges from -40°C up to +80°C and is UV-stabilized, so it is suitable in all kinds of environments.


UniversalFender - Charcoal and Signal YellowLengths in stock:
1,0 meter and 4,0 meters

~H: 90mm ~W: 30mm


Colour in stock:     
Charcoal (Dark grey) and signal yellow


Can also be manufactured in other colours and lengths.

For more heavy duty protection needs, with even higher demands regarding shock absorption etc., we do recommend that you also consider our patented fender-system ParmaFender® (Link).



Some examples when it comes to areas of use:

  • Dock-fendering
  • Protection of mooring piles
  • Protection on piles and walls in garages.
  • As a stronger rubbing strake for boats etc.
  • Protection of walls in corridors, warehouses, hospitals, production facilities etc.
  • As protective shims between fragile material during transport or storing (eg. glass)
  • Transport safety
  • Protection of storage racks etc.
  • Protection of vulnerable and sharp edges
  • Protection at sports facilities and sports equipment
  • Protection on playgrounds

...and much more!

UniversalFender Retailer Display

Adjusted for retailers:

Parma UniversalFender can be purchased inside illustrative and delicate cardboard displays, and each product is marked with a barcode (GTIN-13) so it can easily be implemented in the stores range and "sell itself".

Each display measures approx. (55x55x100)cm, and can be place close to the checkout as a subject for "impulse purchases".


The display at the picture is filled up with 15 pcs. of 1-meter lengths and 15 pcs. of 4-meter lengths.

Variants in stock:


Item No.: Description: GTIN-13 code:


Parma UniversalFender 
H:9cm L:1,0m
Charcoal (Dark grey)


Parma UniversalFender 
H:9cm L:4,0m
Charcoal (Dark grey)


Parma UniversalFender 
H:9cm L:1,0m
Signal yellow


Parma UniversalFender 
H:9cm L:4,0m
Signal yellow

Other colours and lengths can be manufactured upon request.


RecycleParma UniversalFender is manufactured of 100% recycled material, and is also 100% recycable. In combination with the strength of the product, that secures it from to be teared of en end up in the sea or nature, this is a very friendly choice of product when it comes to the environmental aspect.