Specialized products

Specialized products

At Parma Plast we have long experience and considerable expertise in product development and adapting to customer specifications

We develop and manufacture hoses, profiles and pipes in the majority of known thermoplastics.



  • Winding and coating of cores consisting of existing products where we give the products new useful properties.


  • Developing and manufacturing of sealing profiles
  • Developing and manufacturing of fendering and lipping profiles
  • Developing and manufacturing of hoses in technically advanced materiales with or without reinforcement
  • We deliver a large selection of construction material mouldings



Most of our production is tied up to products developed in collaboration with our customers. With an enquiry of development of a new product, we can contribute from concept phase up to finished product.


We have solid experience in development of new products with accompanying custom designed processing and machinery. We have flexible machinery in modern production premises and largely utilize production processes based on in-house developed technology.


With broad experience in use of different plastic materials we are a solid support for our customers in choosing the correct materials and design for new products. We collaborate closely with our raw material suppliers to produce raw materials of the very best quality.




Our production processes are comprised by for example:


  • Co-extrusion is used when a product consists of different materials. By extrusion of one product into another product, beneficial mixing of quality and properties is achieved.


  • Spiral winding is employed to fabricate hoses with stiff spiral inlay.


  • Fibre reinforcing is used in for example in high-pressure hoses. Reinforcement can be placed longitudinal, as a spiral or as a web.


  • The process of coating a core is used for example to add a durable layer to a product. 


  • Bundling, winding and coating is performed to wind up various hoses and cables, which are thereafter coated. For example during manufacturing of umbilical’s for subsea installations. 


  • Post-processing like welding products together, heat treatment, bending, boring, cutting and more are available.