Production at customer site

Production at customer site

In some cases, it is appropriate to establish and operate production at our customer’s premises.

For coating, the cores are normally transported to our factory at Straume. If the cores are particularly large and heavy, it is advantageously to move the coating equipment to the cores.


In the cases where the coating is needed to be an integral part of the processing plant for core production, this is realized through a close cooperation with the involved parties.


An example is the establishing of production facilities by Unitech Offshore for wounding of umbilicals at Stord in 2012. Parma Plast joined as cooperative partner, developed, and installed the extrusion process for coating the wounded umbilical cores.


During production at the premises, staff at Parma Plast assist and is responsible for the extrusion process. Since start-up of production, Parma Plast has consistently performed successful production runs at Unitech’s premises.


Parma Plast also manufacture the particular fillers that are used in the umbilical cores.


Below you can watch a presentation of the project, where the contribution of Parma Plast can be seen after 2:48 minutes.