Parma Plast has developed a processing facility for recyling of used streamerskin to reusable material.

Every year several hundred tons of non-degradable waste in the form of used TPU streamer skins. We can offer our customers recycle solution for the return of used streamer skins to adequate TPU raw material to be reused in production of new streamer skins.



We receive used streamer skins for example reeled up on drums, or as compact coils. We categorize the used skins by degree of aging; clean them for external contaminations and chemical pollutants (streamer fuel etc.) that has migrated into the material. Then the cleaned streamer skins are granulated and the quality control and categorization of the recycled product is performed. The materials are reused for new streamer skins or alternative products.  


Yearly we recycle about 200 tons of seismic hoses.



Parma Plast has a production that generates little waste due to cut-off from our production processes are recycled and reused.   


Plastic raw materials used by Parma Plast are in the form of granules (pellets) that does not give of dust or contains solvents ensuring clean air at our production premises.  


We follow Grønt Ansvars® documented and systematic concept for waste disposal.