Seismic hoses

Seismic hoses

Parma Plast manufactures a wide variety of streamer skins.

Streamer skins envelop and protect the advanced listening equipment (hydrophones), which are towed behind seismic vessels. Streamer skins are exposed to extreme stress during operation, causing particularly strict requirements for the product.


Parma Plast uses proprietary technology developed in-house (processes and machinery) and are able to deliver a wide variety of streamer skins for a global market.


To simplify the work for our customers, we can deliver streamer skins with a flared end, custom fitted for the customers skinning equipment.


The hoses are marked continuously with text and length markings by customer specs. A longitudinal stripe in various colours can be applied to the product, to avoid twisting during installation and operation.



Parma Plast operate processing equipment for recycling of used streamer skins. Recycled raw materials are used in the production of new streamer skins and alternative products. We have agreements with third parties for the return of streamer skins that cannot be recycled at our premises. We can thusly ensure that used streamer skins always are recycled and turned into new products.