Extrusion process

Extrusion process

Here you can find a simplified description of how we manufacture our products.


  1. The raw materials are dried and any moisture is removed, additives are added if needed by gravimetric mixers.
  2. Raw materials are then transported through a closed system to the extruders.

  3. In the extruders the raw materials are transported by a rotating screw, and the melting is controlled by heating zones.
  4. The melted plastic is pressed through a forming tool under high pressure achieving its final shape.
  5. Upon exit of the forming tool, the product is rapidly cooled. In some cases the product can be additionally formed at this stage of production. The product is usually cooled by water, but other means of cooling can be used, for example air-cooling.
  6. The product then passes equipment for marking and measuring, to document and control the products physical measurements.
  7. The product then enters a caterpillar ensuring an even and controlled speed for the production line. By regulating the speed of the caterpillar, we are able to adjust the product dimensions.
  8. After the caterpillar, the product can be cut to smaller lengths automatically, or reeled up into coils.
  9. The product is then post-processed if needed and controlled before packaging for transport.

Here you can watch an animation of what the process inside the extruder looks like.

Uploaded to youtube by: Paulson Training Programs