Machinery equipment

Machinery and equipment

We have modern and flexible machinery making us able to accept most extrusion commissions.


Vakuumbeholder, main We use a modern automated system for transport of raw materials from our storage to the various production machines. The system is dimensioned for several tons of raw materials daily and different materials simultaneously. With a built in flexibility the system can quickly connect the desired raw material quality to requested machinery.





Mikser, main

Multiple gravimetric mixers lets us blend several different materials and additives with a very high precision and capacity. This can for example be mixing of a main material with recycled materials, colouring pigments and UV stabilizers.


In addition to the gravimetric mixers, we have a number of volumetric mixers that are used where there is not as high requirements to accurate dosage.




Tørkere, main

Most of the raw materials we utilize in our production are hygroscopic. The materials can thusly contain moisture that must be removed before further processing. For this, we have a fully automated gravimetric drying system capable of drying multiple material qualities simultaneously in large volumes.


The system dries raw materials with pre-dried air with a dew point typically at 40°C to -50°C. This ensures that we have the very highest quality raw materials at the start of the extrusion process.




Ekstruder, main

Our extruders include various types of machinery, from small co-extruders to large high capacity extruders. Including vent-extruders and extruders with one and two screws. This gives us the flexibility to run simultaneous productions with different types of materials, capacities and products.


Several of our extruders and equipment is mounted on wheels, and can be easily moved and combined for different types of productions. This gives us the opportunity to manufacture relatively small series of products with rapid changes in tooling and machinery, without expenses and resource costs rising too high.  





Verktøy, main

We have a large selection of shaping tools available, enabling us to accept commissions ranging from small hoses and profiles, to large and advanced coating processes without the need to design new and expensive tooling.







Flettemaskin, main

We have equipment for adding reinforcement and strain relief to our products. Including braided reinforcement in synthetic fibres and one or more longitudinal strain relievers, more variants are also available.







Videojet, main

Modern ink-jet printers mark our products continuously with text, serial numbering, graphics and bar codes. We can in addition offer longitudinal stripes and spots.








Kveiler, main

Automatic high capacity cutting equipment ensures correct cutting of products. The equipment is typically used for equipment manufactured with high speed and in short length.


We also use PLS-controlled reeling machines ensuring coiling with high precision. These are typically used for customers that require accurate reeling, and for sticky products that are difficult to reel with other equipment.


For products delivered on a drum reel, we have drum reeling equipment suited for most common standardized drum in use today.





Saveomat, main

Most of our extruder production lines are equipped with automatic measurements of the products dimensions. Some of our extruders are in addition equipped with gravimetric measuring systems for automatic control, documentation and balancing of mass yield (weight per meter).






Many of our products are post-processed. For this, we use automatic and manual machines/processes ensuring high quality.