Quality management

Quality management

Quality assurance is important in our production, and we are regularly subjected to quality revisions from our customers.


All our production processes are subject to strict quality procedures. We have traceability on all products and processes, from raw materials arriving at our facility, to complete product delivery.  

Our employees are regularly educated and tested in relevant production techniques, processes and procedures.



Parma Plast follows a maintenance schedule to ensure operational reliability. Our production lines are routinely shut down for control and inspection.


We have an on-site workshop for service and maintenance of machinery and equipment. The workshop is also used to build machinery and equipment when needed.




Parma Plast has equipment for measuring, control and testing of all our products. Including measuring of optical properties, strain, pressure, moisture, surface roughness, weight and geometrical control. This includes calibration equipment.

We also cooperate with accredited laboratories where further testing and documentation of our products are needed.